The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is a European initiative that aims to promote public awareness about the use of sustainable resources and waste management. To this end, from 16 to 24 November 2019 various activities will be carried out around the following topic: “Education and Communication in waste reduction”.


From the Finnova Foundation, we are very committed to waste reduction. In fact, we have more than 30 LIFE projects approved in the environment category. Thus, on the occasion of this week, we want to encourage authorities, companies, startups and associations to present their proposals and organize activities that help them become known as entities within the framework of the European Commission.  To do this, we offer our services to assist the interested municipalities, startups and associations organising their own actions to contribute to the prevention, reduction and reuse of different waste.

Considering the interests of our Foundation, we suggest the following actions to be carried out during this week called by the Commission:

  1. To organise a workshop or round table on the legal framework of the European Union to analyse the legislative and administrative challenges in the field of waste and offer solutions to overcome these barriers. There is a European Union legislative framework that, progressively, through different directives and regulations, seeks to reuse, recycle and gradually reduce the volume of waste that ends up in landfills. For each waste there are different legislative frameworks that must be implemented at national and regional level. Given that on many occasions low-cost innovative initiatives are not implemented because there are national or regional legal-administrative barriers, Finnova’s proposal is to offer a round table that, taking a specific waste important for a territory or for a specific business group, analyses its evolution in the legal, local, regional, national and European framework and how to overcome these barriers in the framework of public procurement in order to meet the objectives of the European Commission on waste and the ODS of the United Nations.
  2. To organise a workshop or round table on available European funding programmes for waste management (Innovative Urban Actions, LIFE Programme, Fast Track to Innovation or Horizon 2020 Programme). Here you can see two of our workshops on European funds: Waste to Energy y SES19 Cluj-Napoca.
  3. To organise a workshop or round table on open innovation and entrepreneurship. With the possibility of announcing the Waste (Reduction) Startup Europe Awards. The objective would be to reward startups and entrepreneurs that offer solutions or tools for waste management. You can find more information about the SEUA and their categories in this link.


Carrying out an action during the European Week for Waste Reduction is a great opportunity for startups, companies and associations, since:

  • Startups and companies that have innovative solutions, but are not able to bring them to market (either due to lack of funding or due to legal-administrative barriers), will be able to make their ideas and solutions known.
  • Business associations of farmers and stockbreeders who have an interest in waste management will be able to discuss and understand the tools and subsidies of the European Union available for waste management.

Entities interested in requesting the services of the Finnova Foundation for the organisation of an action have until 28 October 2019 to do so, since the deadline for submitting proposals to the Commission is only open until 4 November 2019.

To request our services, please fill in the following form.

Once the event is over, the actions developed will be eligible for the European Week for Waste Reduction Awards. These awards are aimed at rewarding and recognizing the most outstanding actions in each edition of the EWWR and, at the time of registration, it is necessary to indicate if you want your proposal to be considered for participation.

Juan Manuel Revuelta – CEO of the Finnova Foundation