FINNOVA Panama is the branch of the European foundation FINNOVAREGIO based in Brussels, Belgium. It boosts funding and the implementation of innovative initiatives in communities, enterprises, institutions, organisations and local councils in Panama and other geographical areas. We also encourage entrepreneurship related to sustainable development, circular economy, water and waste management, employment and youth, ICT and tourism. FINNOVA Panama offers a platform based in Europe for a generation of strategic partnerships between financing institutions, unions of the economic sectors, the public sector, local councils and citizens, in the unification of dialogue and communication mechanisms for challenges in Panama and the Region, enabling us to be placed as a converging point and exchange of opportunities.


Malú Ramos

Environmental engineer with experience in administrative management and technician for projects development, search of environmental solutions and implementation of mechanisms to build consensus among sectors.

Iris Barrios

Environmental engineer with experience in sustainability, development and coordination of projects, environmental management, implementation of communication mechanisms, creation of strategic partnerships between the public and private sector.

Jonathan Núñez

Specialised in Environmental Sciences and natural resources management. Experience in formulation and management of project investment in the governmental sector, in sustainable tourism and community development.

Mario Guerrero

Civil Engineer with experience in direction, management and execution of civil projects, as well as in the implementation of innovative solutions in the private sector.

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