Internship in Europe

Have an opportunity to do an internship in most perspective cities in Europe (Malta, Romania, Hungary, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Greece).

Be the first who introduces and helps to develop new project – Startup Europe Village.

A holistic eCosystem platform that aims at creating a European network of small municipalities with the goal of fostering the development of interconnected startup strategies at local level.

The mission of SEUVillage is to connect small-size European cities small to become real StartupVillages by supporting their entrepreneurs to scale-up their projects and let them access to European opportunities (such as training, specialized servicies & funding).

SEUVillage aims at building alternative small-hubs and antenna-points by leveraging the talent, skills and economic potential sparsed across Europe.


  • giving basic support to entrepreneurs in marketing, sales, design and software developing;
  • to understand a problem of entrepreneur and connect him to the right support person.


  • Erasmus + mobility agreement and grant;
  • english skills;
  • basic experience in marketing, sales, project management, software developing, copywriting or software development.

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