Internship opportunities in Europe

Have an opportunity to do an internship in one of the most beautiful and perspective countries in Europe.

Start working on having your dream career in:


  • Marketing services able to improve brand notoriety, the positive impact of the brand, social networks management, online & offline marketing content creation;
  • Sales services to improve brand recognition, reinforce and create partnership relationships etc.;
  • Client relationship services to improve the satisfaction of the client, reinforce their trust, build customer loyalty to improve and increase positive recommendations.
  • Content creation (pictures, videos, audio, writing, etc.);
  • Events support in place or local to get professional content to be used in the offered services.



  • writing articles, news and publications on how coworking works from different positions;
  • support in the organization of activities, marketing tasks and support assistant for coworkers;
  • Prepare written documentation for mentoring and entrepreneurship activities (receive detailed training).


  • Erasmus + mobility agreement and grant;
  • entrepreneurial knowledge, writing articles, marketing and / or graphic design;
  • language – english (spanish is a plus).



  • summarize concepts & ideas in short video production in the sales area;
  • accounting & testing different formats and report the results;
  • video production support to directed promotions.


  • Erasmus + mobility agreement and grant;
  • student capable of writing information (internal and external communication) during the start-up of the collaborative coworking space;
  • knowledge of business, marketing, entrepreneurship and / or design with written communication skills.



  • Lead the project of installing a technological system (camera, batteries, flash disk, internet connectivity, etc.) that let the data-scientist of the project to:
    • record & keep footage;
    • automate the process;
    • deal with the system properly;
    • install procedure to train the neural network;
    • and ensure the reliability of the recording & data-training system.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, industrial systems or related discipline;
  • Interest in electronics, autonomous systems and automation of procedures;
  • Experience in code written solutions or native code language;
  • Knowledge on C++ & programming (it’s a must)
  • Some knowledge about Arduino systems and/or procedures to install those (or similar) systems;
  • Able to understand various data structures and common methods in data transformation;
  • Aiming to learn and self-improve on working methods to develop specific solutions for companies.

The duration of this agreement will be automatically renewed every 6 months. If any of the actors decide to stop this relationship, it will be done up to 3 months in advance with a formal notification (i.e. concise email between managers of the actors of the present agreement) must be sent to stop this contract.

Our offices are located in Spain, Romania, France, Greece, Belgium.